The Revenge of the Radioactive Lady, is the sort of book that one devours quickly and then thinks, ‘I'll have another just like that, please.’ The trouble, of course, is that it’s difficult to find another book quite like this one.”

The New Yorker

“A lot of fun…Creates a believable world of women aging not with resigned grace but with feisty zest.”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“Destructive yet inescapable bonds of all kinds are woven throughout the book, along with the odd ways we employ strangers to break free…There are many marvelous peculiarities to be savored here.”

US Weekly

"While this amateur-sleuth plot is complete with all the spying and clues you would expect from a classic Nancy Drew mystery, Henley and Stuckey-French bring their literary sensibilities to bear throughout, and imbue the story with the same care for language and insights into character for which each author is known."

Richmond Times Dispatch

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